Instructions for Presentations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the seventh edition of CLiC-IT, which was originally planned in Bologna, will be held online on March 1-3, 2021.

In this particular edition, registration to the event will be free of charge. Complete and submit your registration at https://www.ai-lc.it/registration/clic-it-2020/.  

Please note that participation in the events organized by AILC is reserved to members of the association. Please join the association or renew membership before proceeding with registering to CLiC-it 2020

This mail contains some useful information for your presentation.


The conference program is online. Please check your session.


Each conference session will be organized with parallel Microsoft Teams rooms, one for each paper, where presenters will have one hour to discuss their work. As a virtual poster session, participants will navigate the rooms, so we recommend organizing your presentation as a poster, or only with few slides, to allow everyone to interact with you and address questions related to your work.

If you wish, you can also pre-record a video presentation, which will be uploaded on Vimeo and in this way it will be publicly available. Please note that such a public release will require at least one author of the paper to fill in and sign a “Presenter Release and Permission” (see below).

Please, read carefully the following instructions concerning video requirements, recording suggestions, and video uploading.

1) Video Requirements

a) Aspect Ratio: 16:9

b) Format: MP4

c) Size: less than 200 MB

d) Duration: max. 10 minutes.

e) Video name: {SHORT-PAPER-TITLE}@CLIC-IT2020.mp4


SHORT-PAPER-TITLE: freely define the SHORT-PAPER-TITLE that you think best represents your work.  

f) IMPORTANT: Together with the required files, please send us the “Presenter Release and Permission”  duly filled in and signed to allow us to upload the video on Vimeo. This file MUST be uploaded in a PDF format with name {SHORT-PAPER-TITLE}.pdf using the same procedure as the one used for uploading the video (see below). You can download the form from the Google drive link sent to the authors.

2) Recording your video

In case you don’t know which video recorder you can use, below you find a list of possible choices:

– BroadCaster (Windows, Mac, Linux)

– ActivePresenter (Windows, Mac)

– Kazam (Linux)

– SimpleScreenRecorder (Linux)

– recordMyDesktop (Linux)

– VokoscreenNG (Linux)

– ScreenStudio (Linux)

– GreenRecorder (Linux)

– Peek (Linux)

– Screenshot system app on Mac

– ScreenRecorder (Android)

3) Upload and send your video

In order to share your video and allow us to upload it on Vimeo, we ask you to upload it on our Google Drive Directory using the link sent to the authors.

The strict deadline for sending us your videos is February 21st.

Please, do not hesitate to get in contact with Gloria Gagliardi (gloria.gagliardi@gmail.com) and Roberta Combei (claudiaroberta.combei@unibo.it) if you encounter any kind of problem.